Underdog Ninja Foundation was founded in 2020 by Javie and Jessica Madrigal, a husband and wife team that has been battling and overcoming heart disease for almost 20 years. Their personal story and experiences have led them to follow the calling of empowering, educating, and supporting those fighting heart disease. The idea of creating an organization to educate people about heart disease reversal and how to prevent heart disease started in 2018 when Javie was in the hospital for another stent and God put a calling on Javie and Jessica to begin telling their story, spreading hope, and empowering people who are affected by heart disease to overcome and never give up. As a result, over the past couple of years they have developed resources, a free community, programs, and have been helping people discover how to overcome heart disease, heal their body, and live a full life.


Board Chair
Heart Disease Survivor

Javie was diagnosed with heart disease back in 2003 at age 35 and has overcome many battles on his journey since then. He has aggressive heart disease in his family history and lost his father to it when he was 16. His father was 47 years old. He’s come through a quadruple bypass at age 40, 11 stents, a heart attack, and many other challenges fighting this disease. However, he remains focused on his faith in God, his family, his purpose and living his life to the fullest.

Over the years he has continually challenged himself to further his education in fitness, nutrition and mindset. From becoming a personal trainer in 2013, getting an Exercise Therapy certification in 2021, to living a plant based nutrition lifestyle that has completely reversed the progression of his Coronary Artery Disease, he is committed to overcoming heart disease and teaching and empowering others to do the same.

Executive Director
Heart Disease Fighter

Jessica has fought alongside Javie for over a decade and has always shared his perspective and positive outlook on life. She has a deep faith that sustains her and her commitment to her family overcoming this disease.

She too was certified in 2013 in personal training, as well as becoming a licensed massage therapist in 2010. Health and wellness have played a large role in her life and she continues to pursue education in the area of nutrition. She is passionate about cooking, developing delicious and innovative plant based recipes, disease prevention, and teaching people how to incorporate healthy plant based nutrition for heart disease into their lives so they can achieve longevity.
In addition to her health and wellness training, she is also a contracted business coach for multiple companies where she helps entrepreneurs build their businesses, reach their goals, and impact lives through their calling.