FINALLY a heart health nutrition program that actually helps you learn how to prevent and manage heart disease through a simple whole food plant based approach.

Are you ready to start changing your life TODAY?


  • Knowing how to eat plant based.
  • More consistency with nutrition.
  • Feeling better & having more energy.
  • Finally sticking to a plan.
  • Seeing measurable results.
  • Slowing the progress of disease. 
  • Losing weight the healthy way.
  • And FINALLY getting your life back!

Is this program for you?

The Program is ONLY for people who are ready to:

  • Take action toward better health
  • Try new things and adapt new habits
  • Be disciplined and committed
  • NOT be defined by heart disease

If you’re ready for these things, this is for YOU!

 The Program is for people who are fighting heart disease and their families.  It’s for those who have tried dieting or eating “heart healthy”, exercise, or other methods of healing their body with no success and are ready for proven solutions that actually work to create real long term sustainable results.
 This is NOT for people that are just looking to lose weight or try another diet. This program is focused on healing your body and positioning you for the absolute best possible outcome when fighting disease. Even though you will most likely lose weight, this is NOT a diet and it’s NOT a weight loss program. 

Jump In and START TODAY!

What To Expect...

Finally Gain Control Over Your Health and Get Started Quickly…

Don’t waste another minute! This program will get you started quickly through our powerful techniques and unique approach to health transformation. Taking control of your health is possible! With the right nutrition and fitness tools you will unlock the abilities and perspective necessary to stop feeling helpless and start focusing on your future and quality of life you desire. 


Experienced Coaches You Can Trust Who’ve Been Where You Are…

We have been on a rollercoaster health journey over the last 15 years. We know how you feel and want you to succeed! We know what it’s like to face your mortality, feel like you aren’t sure if you’ll EVER find a solution, or be afraid of leaving your family behind and never seeing your kids grow up. Our passion and mission is to come alongside you, be your #1 advocate, and help you overcome heart disease without having to spend a decade figuring it all out!


Powerful Plant Based Nutrition Program Backed By Research…

In our experience, heart healthy plant based nutrition is the single most effective method for preventing, healing, and stopping heart disease in its tracks. But don’t just take our word for it. There are decades of research studies, success stories, proven results, and statistics to back up these claims. Our method and program is based off not only our own personal experience and results, but also several plant based doctors and their research on healing and reversing disease through nutrition. It’s powerful, simple, and will heal your body down to the cellular level. This 6 week quick start program will get your started toward a life of better health management, more sustainable results, and the energy and vitality you have always wanted. 


Breakthroughs That Can ONLY Happen In Community…

As part of this program you’ll want to jump into our online support community to make sure you have the support you need on your journey! Only the right community environment, one that is genuinely cultivated in reciprocity, compassion, and empathy, are real lasting relationships built. And the interactions that occur in that private, safe, and relatable setting create powerful breakthroughs for everyone. Having real support from your health and wellness family is a game changer!



If for any reason you find you got NO value whatsoever from this program, and feel it will NOT help you with heart disease,  in the first 30 days email us and we will take care of your refund, no questions asked!

*There is no guarantee of specific results. Results can vary. Results depend on individual effort and implementation, background, and many other variables.

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