The Essential Guide to Healing From a Major Health Event 

At one time or another, most of us will experience a scary, unnerving health event. Even if you are frightened and uncertain, you must figure out how to move on. You’ll have to find your path through that health crisis as well as learn how to move forward in meaningful ways. Try these strategies to […]

7 Simple Ways To Never Feel Intimidated in the Gym Again

Whether you’re a man or a woman, the gym can be a scary place. You may feel intimidated by the fitness level of the other gym goers. Everywhere you look it seems like everyone around you are the poster children of the latest health and fitness magazine.  1. Accept your body. Confronting your body issues […]

Growing Your Garden and Cultivating a Life That Matters

Today I was reminded about the word “Cultivate”. Whether it’s cultivating friendships, partnerships, or God given talents and skills, it takes effort, focus, and nurturing. However, how does that have anything to do with becoming an “Underdog Ninja”? Ah, Daniel Son … FOCUS! Many times you’ll hear me talk about “Mindset” and how vital it […]